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Day of Immunology 2021


The annual Day of Immunology (DoI) is just around the corner. Save the date: April 29, 2021!

The day is dedicated to increasing global awareness of the importance of immunology in the fight against infection, autoimmunity and cancer. EFIS and IUIS are working together to encourage national societies to participate in the Day of Immunology and to promote the benefits of immunology research. What are your plans for the DoI 2021? Please share your events with us ( so we can disseminate the information!

Short Film

Get your own copy of "The Immunology Knight"

One of our own PR activities in 2008 was the launch of a competition for the best short film concept, depicting the importance of immunology. Short films feature provocative and entertaining stories which spark debate in less than 10 minutes. Thus, a message is delivered that inspires an audience to learn more about a subject. EFIS supported the production of the short film "The Immunology Knight", the winning proposal by young director Luca Sabbioni from Italy. You can watch the result below.

Download the film in different languages and different resolutions here. The EFIS board and the director welcome everyone to use their clip for your own promotional activities on immunology. Bring immunological awareness to the public in your country, maybe even to cinemas, short film or science festivals! EFIS provides each of our member societies ( ) with a DVD, subtitled in the appropriate language. The societies will get one copy of the DVD for free, upon submission of a completed form (Get your own copy of THE IMMUNOLOGY KNIGHT).You are member of the EFIS community and you can’t find your language? Please contact your local national society.